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Managing Director at Trident Capital focusing on investments in Internet and software businesses. Prior to entering venture capital, Evangelos had more than 20 years experience in high-technology industries, in executive roles spanning operations, marketing, sales and engineering. Evangelos earned a PhD in computer science from Brandeis University and a BS in electrical engineering from Caltech.

4 responses to “Insight as a Service (Part 2)”

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    […] geeky enough to master it.  Just as in servers, however, we’re seeing an emerging “Insight as a Service” market that goes beyond providing raw tools for searching huge quantities of data, and […]

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    […] at Totango, who referred me to a blog post by venture capitalist Evangelos Simoudis that discusses Insight-as-a-Service (and no, we don’t need another -aaS but bear with me), which refers to […]

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    […] tried to provide further details on the concept which I first introduced here and later elaborated here.  I am including the webinar presentation (click on the slide below) and the notes because they […]

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    […] Insight as a Service by Evangelos Simoudis: View original article here. […]