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2 responses to “Gamifying Sales Comp”

  1. Mario Herger

    Have you actually looked at Fantasy Sales Team? I think you haven’t. We have, we looked at 12 sales gamification platforms and this was the one that we liked most for our analyst report ( ). And you know why? Because it is the only not one using the same old tired competition. It also includes everyone in the company and not just the sales reps and their managers. Sales becomes everyone’s responsibility and task.
    Also you mention compensation. You do – like many people in sales (and other spaces) confuse compensation with motivation. And even worse: confuse compensation with good work. There is significant scientific research out there that, here are two articles with collections of examples:

    8 examples of monetary rewards leading to worse outcomes
    Debunking the myth of sales commissions

    I tell you also why it’s important to think beyond the same old compensation schemes: I just return from the Gamescom 2015 from Cologne. The world’s largest games convention with 300,000 attendees, most of them millennials. You can’t get them anymore with your grandfathers style of motivation. They are not coin-operated. Your incentives don’t work that well. They actually never really did or never to the potential that you could have had. And they lead to a lot of unethical behaviors and longterm damage. Read the literature, and I am not talking about sales-literature, I talk about motivation theory, behaviors, and the scientific papers around that.

    You need to become smarter and learn from games. You may be surprised how effective that can be. And Microsoft understood that.

  2. Adam Hollander

    Mario, that comment made me smile ear-to-ear 🙂