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2 responses to “SAP: Help me help you”

  1. Steve Lucas

    You’re right, we do say HANA a lot at SAP. (So I’ve heard) But we aren’t trying to push a product as much as we are trying to improve business outcomes for customers with a more efficient platform and yes, change the software industry as a whole. I posted a blog recently called “the digital enterprise platform” that talks to this.

    To your point on cost, we just released a new, distributed computing framework that is an option AND compliment to HANA called Vora that extends Spark and Hadoop into the SAP world amongst other things…priced at $1k per node per year. (Feels reasonable) It brings the power, some of the features and flexibility of Hana to that environment.

    My point is that we are always innovating and we are cost condcious, especially when the answer IS HANA if customers are looking at the big picture, which is that today’s IT architecture is inefficient and disparate. HANA is the path to reduce cost because it is much more than a database, is more cost effective than the five or six products you’d need from another vendor to be comparable and is one platform with one copy of the data.

    So it does deliver cost savings to be applied towards forward innovation and digital transformation, but the mindset has to be that it’s more than a database and used as such. Otherwise you’re not using a tenth of its horsepower.