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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

2 responses to “Comparing Software using Peer Reviews”

  1. Gary Willmott

    Hello Michael, a few ago we created software to solve our own internal peer reviews. Based on the results, we released it to the public last year and the response has been positive. It’s called Hi5, have a look and let me know your thoughts.


  2. Tom

    While I like the spirit of sites that provide peer reviews of software apps, and appreciate the value this has in the software selection process, I still feel a major stakeholder is usually completely left out of the decision loop: the end users.

    What we do have is vendors building and pitching products to enterprise buyers, both of whom seek the endorsement of third-party analysts (ala Gartner, Forrester, IDP, etc). In this three-way conversation feature comparisons are conducted; legacy infrastructure compatibility is promoted; and TCO is evaluated and extolled. The buying decision is made, the systems are integrated and rolled out, the vendors get paid, and enterprise IT buyer pats themselves on the back and is congratulated for doing their due diligence and exercising great care with their company’s scarce resources.

    And for the next 20 years thousands upon thousands of users are stuck with the nightmare that is __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite nightmare application: SharePoint, Lotus Notes, SAP, etc).

    When is someone going to set up a enterprise software review site for end users, that prospective IT buyers and line of business owners could refer to and see how people *really* feel about their company’s choices for various software applications?