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Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HfS Research, the leading global research analyst organization covering global sourcing strategies. Acclaimed Industry Analyst and Consultant who scribes the leading blog for the services industry "Horses for Sources".  Previously worked  at AMR Research (Gartner Inc),  Deloitte Consulting’s BPO Advisory Services, the  Everest Group and  IDC .  In 2010, Phil was named “IIAR Analyst of the Year” by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR). This is the most coveted global award for industry analysts in technology and services.

One response to “Rescuing BPO from its trough of directionless boredom: Make jobs challenging and creative”

  1. Tom Short

    I’d be curious to see a similar demographic analysis of other career paths; and I suspect it would show not dissimilar results. It’s not surprising to me that twenty-somethings two years into their careers, particularly careers which don’t have strong academic curricula (like BPO), are not completely jazzed by their choice. It takes time to discover whether one’s training, aptitude and interests all converge in the form of a chosen career path. In a lot of cases I’d submit that two years may not enough time for some people to ascertain whether a given path is the right one for them.