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One response to “Notes from Reality. An Interview with Dr. David Bray and Michael Krigsman on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.”

  1. Tomasz Szewczyk

    I think we are able to create a General AI with a ethical code based on the best and most developed philosophical and ethical thought. A “being” superior to ourselves in all possible metrics. Then the real question will arise. Should we, are we capable of and willing to handover governance to such an entity. The benefits being, fairness, efficiency and lack of bias… to name a few potential ones. In next 10-15 years, looking at the speed of the industry innovation we are going to have to answer that question. I personally would be glad to have an AI take executive and legislative branches as I believe they would be served better by a machine. You can’t bribe a computer… you can hack it… maybe. We have in @SoDash a success rate in understanding sentiment of 80%. Once we can teach an AI to understand language it can learn it self at an astonishing rate.