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One response to “Why Salesforce Should Buy Twitter”

  1. clive boulton

    Gosh good intentions but spending $20 billion to scale up Chatter for 10x or even 100x enterprise application volumes. Bret Taylor now at SFDC can build that scalability: Quip CEO, Facebook CTO, FriendFeed (pub/sub messaging), Google Maps API.

    I do agree Twitter and Facebook cut new ground establishing horizontal Scalability, however working with Amazon, Google, Microsoft as SFDC likely already is on Apache Phoenix / Hbase, Apache Kafka will get there without the Twitter drama.

    Enterprise now needs to crack rules engine scalability for complex business software as Workday has done with its Scala SaaS solution. Except Workday hasn’t open this up for enterprise apps much beyond HR. This is where I would focus Salesforce R&D for a 10x to 100x scale up, hire a top team to complement Bret Taylor.