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2 responses to “Getting silly: Oracle, NetSuite deal”

  1. JackD

    Netsuite has had a phenomenal run in the SMB space. It is close to reaching $1B in annual revenues. However, the growth is only going to slow down from here. If T. Rowe thinks Netsuite will maintain its billings numbers, then they don’t know what they are thinking. $9.3B is costly but a very good deal at the current billings growth. Any price higher means faster growth rate which requires something drastic on the product front in a very short period of time, Highly unrealistic. More likely T. Rowe is bluffing or will ruin it for their share holders & rest.

  2. Denis Pombriant

    Agree with you on all points but I think SMB is not why ORCL is buying N. There’s nothing SMB about N other than a determined direction. But if you look at their products they have some very specific enterprise capabilities like multi-currency and international roll up. Seems to me that ORCL would want to deploy N to at least some of its enterprise customers. From there I expect revenues to go N if you know what I mean.