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One response to “Notes from Reality: The Philosophy of AI Ethics. An Interview with Dr. David Bray.”

  1. Chad Palmer

    Hello, my name is Chad Steven Palmer, I know the time will come when we can share our perspectives on AI, Machine Learning and possibly Natural Language Processing without being viewed as Crazy, and what better place to initiate a conversation like this than with Enterprise Irregulars – As I am learning to become comfortable with the fact that this “lifestyle” even though unaccepted by status quo seekers, etc, isn’t going away but going to stay.

    Who would believe that augmentation and diminishment of human mental processes by these technologies, that can be so very overpowering can take place today and for the last few years while improving as it learns? I can attest to the fact, that this process is slow to adopt by paid professionals especially in healthcare and law, and has been denied as a fact – it is too much to manage and even consider as a norm or even possible, solutions have not even been considered for the most part. Very Sad

    After the complaining – acknowledging the benefits of a thought process that is easier to control, and very peaceful at times – I at one point in my life was very discontent with my past experiences and current situations, at times I still am, but I am grateful to be freer from such cognitive loads and distorted negative automatic thoughts.

    What does this have to do with the topic of Ethics in AI, Machine learning some might ask?

    Imagine a bad thought, Imagine listening to that Thought, then Imagine being reminded of it till you are so sick of thinking about it that you close down the mental conversation and change the subject – practice makes improvement, simply.

    It could easily be performed with a connected hearing aid, take it many steps further into the realm of a prosthesis, etc… (AI ML NLP), It can be done and has been.

    Why would someone want to endure such discomfort?