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8 responses to “The iPad is Steve Jobs’ Waterloo”

  1. Michael Foord

    Well, time (and not very much time I suspect) will tell whether you are right – or whether you just made a complete ass of yourself. 🙂

    I *suspect* the iPad will be very successful. I dearly wish it was a general purpose computing device rather than locked up with the iPhone OS – but we all knew that what was how it was going t be. We’ll see how the market responds though.

  2. jeff nolan

    If I’m not making a complete ass of myself on occasion I start to worry that I’m just not trying hard enough.

  3. A Nonymous

    Fair enough. But what if you want both an eReader AND a netbook? The iPad bridges the two plus a bunch of other goodies. I don’t think this is aimed at the tech-savvy smart phone users who also has a netbook, and certainly not at the hard core reader, but at the more casual user who wants to check their email, maybe read a magazine or newspaper, pull up a recipe, share photos with guests etc.

    I don’t really see this kind of device being carried around much (so wifi is good enough), but as a kitchen/living room device that doesn’t take 3+minutes to boot up like a PC (admittedly boot times are getting better). I think this might do okay, but they need to knock off at least $100-150 in its current configuration…if possible.

    If Apple had skype-enabled it, we possibly could have seen the first main-stream “video phone”, but it don’t come to pass…at least in version 1.

    I guess what I’m getting at is I’m not so sure this is a dud. Time will tell…

  4. jeff nolan

    First the easy one, kind of hard to have a video phone with no camera…

    You have actually summarized nicely the main argument that consumer device makers are engaging in: all-in-one vs. multiple specialized devices. I’m siding with the latter because we’ve already done the former, they are called laptops and more recently netbooks. Amazon demonstrated that when you provide a device that is highly optimized for a core activity that people engage in as a passion (people who read do it frequently and for extended periods), you have a hit.

    Ironically this is why the PSP and DS gaming devices have been successful at gaming and not so with all the other things they can do. Gamers don’t want to browse the web on their handheld gaming device… they want to play games and the device is really good at that and not so much at everything else.

    The iPad tries to be good at a lot of things but it’s not yet clear if it is “very good” at the one thing people will buy it for. Time will tell, you are correct in pointing out, but this is far more complex than whether or not it has feature x or capability y.

    At any rate, as I pointed out in my post, they are targeting everyone while not exactly stacking up strongly against any single competitor. I would also point out that taking on Amazon is nothing trivial, those guys have their shit together and their ability to merchandise and deliver content is awe inspiring.

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  6. Steve

    You must feel line a fucking retard now, hey?

    1. Jeff Nolan

      No, I just recognize that I was wrong.

      If I posted an anonymous comment like yours, well then I’d feel like a retard.

  7. Oldretrobiker

    First Apple hardware product I brought home today for a trial is a I Pad 2 and it is a dud. After charging up the battery, the screen stays blank! Re-set and still blank!

    Wow, this is not good for a Steve Jobs legacy product and to be a first time Apple user is not sending a very good message.