Join us on July 7th to learn which services firms are leading the early AI charge…

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ve had suffered the hype hyping the hype… endured the fluff fluffing the fluff… but what is really happening with business operations being impacted by advancements in genuine, business-ready AI applications?

The Digital OneOffice Framework is all about the design and implementation of the organizational digital experience and the creation of an intelligent, single office to execute and support it. At HfS, our research shows that smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can help break down the barriers between front and back offices to align the needs of the customer with the operations of an organization to service those needs effectively and proactively.

Artificial Intelligence is many things: It is hyped, it is not defined, it is starting to become pervasive, and it is fostering emotional, passionate and at times heated discussions. However, many of those discussions are more focused on either generic or more consumer-facing issues while the broader market is not yet recognizing the impact of AI on B2B and Enterprise segments. Given the blurred perception and the lack of clarity, HfS is aiming to take stock how AI is starting to transform service delivery. With that mind, the research is less about technology aspects rather than understanding the use cases and the way AI could transform organizations journey toward the OneOffice.

Attend and learn:

  • How is AI transforming service delivery?
  • What are the AI capabilities and use cases that service providers have built out?
  • Which are the leading AI technologies and approaches that we are seeing?
  • How do deployments get to scale?
  • Learn about the details of the inaugural AI-powered OneOffice Premier League Table
  • How will the market shape up over the next 18 months?


  • Phil Fersht, Chief Analyst and CEO, HfS Research (bio)
  • Tom Reuner, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Automation and IT Services, HfS Research (bio)

Friday, July 7th – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM ET


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