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Technology executive, angel investor, independent director, adviser, and blogger. Formerly CEO of Host Analytics and MarkLogic, CMO of Business Objects and Versant, and independent director of Aster Data, Granular. Currently independent director of Alation and Nuxeo

2 responses to “Is IBM Getting Out of Enterprise Performance Management?”

  1. Bob MILLI

    Hi Dave,
    For sure I was quite surprised when I saw that IBM was selling CMD, FSR & Clarity but I didn’t though this “selling frenzy” could concerns TM1 and PA…
    After reading your analysis, which indeed is relevant, I’m a little bit less confident. The company I’m working for is deeply relying on TM1 as its analytical engine and so if TM1 is moving, this can have an impact on my day to day job.
    Wait and see ?