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VP, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Chief Strategy Officer at 7Summits, Inc. Dion focuses on the topics of digital engagement, customer experience, enterprise collaboration, digital workplace, digital transformation, social business, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), open business models, and next-generation enterprises. His thought leadership can be found on ZDNet, On Web Strategy, InformationWeek, ebizQ.

One response to “The Essential Digital Strategies”

  1. Tom Short

    I find it curious that neither you nor Mssrs. Bughin and Zeeborek make any reference to transformation of work via enterprise social networks and other digital employee tools.

    If we are talking about essential digital strategies for enterprises as they undertake digital transformation, it seems to me that the transformation of the way employees work is just as critical to their future success as the transformation of products, services and distribution channels.

    Is there room for a ninth box on your excellent mapping of digital strategies?