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One response to “SAP pivots as the customer turns 2018”

  1. zztop

    I work at a midsize company that runs on ECC, but is working off of Salesforce for CRM (operational info integration challenges hold us back with this). This isn’t unusual these days, and it’s because of this common software landscape pattern that SAP should really bundle S/4 and C/4 together for small to medium size companies. Incidentally, some years ago, we went down the SAP CRM 2007 shelf-ware route, with the same wishes in mind. History is repeating somewhat, but I’m hoping that SAP truly gets back to their roots of bringing it all together (not just ERP, this time), but other stuff like HR (Successfactors), procurement (Ariba), IBP (SCM integrated business planning), and CRM, under one roof. Alas, such perhaps means lower licence rev, or lower subscription, whatever the case may be. Sad, but maybe I hold out for too much.