The definitive RPA product benchmarks: The overall picture across 359 superusers

In case you’ve been asleep for the last month, we recently announced the industry’s most comprehensive analysis (by far) of RPA product functionality, covering AntWorks, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, Kofax, Kryon, NICE, Pega, Thoughtonomy, UiPath, and Workfusion.

We interviewed 359 superusers of RPA products (172 enterprises, 87 RPA advisors and 100 service provider RPA practitioners) across 40+ customer experience dimensions across the following 6 key dimensions:

  1. Features and functionality
  2. Integration and support
  3. Security and compliance
  4. Flexibility and scalability
  5. Embedding intelligence
  6. Achieving business outcomes

Here is how the overall satisfaction for RPA customer experience came out looking across the products


Key Highlights

  • RPA’s core functionality works but deployments are not as easy as promised.
  • RPA products offer adequate client support and training but IT skills are required. Some RPA products have made significantly more investments than others around client support.
  • Most RPA products performed well on security and compliance related assessment.
  • RPA products have shown satisfactory flexibility but clients are still confused about pricing models.
  • RPA products are not as intelligent as they claim to be (at least not yet!).
  • RPA satisfaction is middling. Clients have largely realized cost savings, but speed-to-market has not met expectations.

Take time to delve into the realities of RPA and some of the findings may just surprise you:

Premium HfS subscribers can access the HfS Benchmarking Report: Detailed Assessment of the 10 Leading RPA Products here


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