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CEO of Deal Architect, a top advisory boutique recognized in The Black Book of Outsourcing, author of a widely praised book on technology enabled innovation, The New Polymath, prolific blogger, writing about technology-enabled innovation at New Florence, New Renaissance and about waste in technology at Deal Architect.  Previously Analyst  at Gartner, Partner with PwC Consulting. Keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, CIO Magazine, and other executive and technology publications.

6 responses to “Time for Oracle Nation?”

  1. Dennis Jolluck


    I have been with Oracle 23 years – all focused on the applications side of the business. It has been a fascinating journey from character cell, to client/server, to web, and now the cloud. If you need any insight for your book, would be happy to help you with Oracle Nation.

  2. Bob Shaver

    Any discussion/review of Oracle Applications must start from the beginning and that means you should talk to Jeffrey L. Walker. He had the vision, and the original Mission, to develop Oracle Applications, and he did.

  3. Bob Shaver

    Any serious consideration of Oracle Applications has to start at the beginning: Jeffrey L. Walker had the vision, and the Mission.

  4. David Malich

    I worked at Oracle for 12 years in the OnPremise Support Renewal organization. Oracle at the core is a database company that expanded into applications and hardware. Now moving from selling software and hardware with huge upfront costs along with high margin annual Support Renewal revenue to cloud subscriptions has been a challenge. There is a divided new culture embracing the transition and excited about the “NO” (New Oracle) and others that want to keep the past alive and use excuses like “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Oracle has a bright future with a proud past but the need to have a culture open to change and driven by new insights from AI vs wisdom and experience from the past.