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Obsessed with how companies manage, spend and save money, Jason writes about procurement, trade and supply chain issues @ Spend Matters. He has significant first hand experience developing and marketing technology and services products, has advised numerous companies on sourcing and related techniques as well as M&A pursuits.  In previous lives before tech, he was a management consultant and merchant banking analyst.

One response to “Spend Management at 35,000 Feet — Reducing Fuel Requirements at American Airlines”

  1. Ted


    Good article, but a not so-well-known fact is that this is the primary reason why American actually does not paint its aircraft, it reduces the weight of each aircraft by hundreds of lbs which of course not only saves upfront painting and longer-term maintenance costs, it also reduces the weight of their aircraft which drives down their overall fuel costs.

    Reducing the reserve fuel requirements is something airlines have been trying for years with limited success because of pushback from the pilots