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Charlie is the founder and CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps, a startup that aims to become the Norton Computing of the cloud computing era. He's a married father of two and a native Austinite. He blogs at Moonwatcher

2 responses to “Zero Marginal Product Workers”

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  2. assman

    Here is my theory. Jack and John are both doing work as request by management. But it turns out that about 10% of the work accounts for 100% of profits, 80% results in another 10% of profits and maybe 10% results in a loss equal to 10% of profits. In other words about 90% of the work is not actually make the company money.

    So the company fire John and keeps Jack. They keep doing the 10% of work that accounts for the most profit. And they also make Jack do work that actually loses the company money. But less than before. Thus the company is more profitable and the workers are more productive. If the recession were even deeper the productivity would be even greater and the company even more profitable.

    You make thing this implausible but its really the way most companies and government operates.