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15 responses to “Sprint Needs to Step Up: Android/Evo Error Messages”

  1. stan

    I have an EVO and did the 2.2 update when it was pushed. I have never experienced the likes of what you have described. My daughter also has an EVO with 2.2 and has not had your problem. I have never seen mention of it on any of the forums that i follow.

  2. jeff nolan
  3. Evo

    7 EVOs and I don’t have that issue…

  4. jeff nolan

    It’s interesting that the responses so far have been “I don’t have that problem”. Great!

    I have never had heart disease therefore it must not exist and my car has never had a service problem so that particular model/year must have a 100% reliability rating. The lesson is that it’s really not useful to attempt to prove a point by asserting a negative…

  5. Thomas Van Der Rohe

    Upgraded my evo and I’ve had errors of all sorts popping every few minutes. Some while using very apps, some just with the phone just siting there. Hate this inconsistent. Crap. Fix it!

  6. Andrea S.

    Jeff, I bought an Evo just under a month ago and this has been a huge issue, I get 3 or 4 different error messages, each several times a day. Otherwise I think it is a great phone, and didn’t really want to part with it. I brought it back to Sprint today and the tech looked at it and after witnessing the issues himself, I was given brand new phone. I was told it was probably an issue with a corrupt contact file, perhaps from my old phone or from gmail. Therefore, they printed out my contacts for me to manually re enter, so that theoretically I wouldn’t experience the same issue with the same corrupt contact file. I was really impressed with sprint’s customer service and how the issue was handled. Flash forward about 6 hrs since I got my new phone… I have received about 8 error messages in about 10 minutes of total phone use 🙁 I am so bummed! I haven’t downloaded any apps or imported any contacts….. thank you for getting the word out on this issue! Sprint, please help!

  7. Thrifty Chick

    Jeff, thanks for writing this article. I’m in the process of researching this phone and Sprints service. Squarely looked at the Sprint sales rep in the eye and asked her about updating the software and she said ‘You should be able too’. I despise vague answers like that, it is very unprofessional.

    One thought I’ve had, after reading your article is to make sure you are getting the update from HTC. HTC has taken the droid software and customized it. Not 100% sure this will help

  8. Is an informative error message really so hard?

    […] Sprint Needs to Step Up: Android/Evo Error Messages ( […]

  9. Matt

    I’ve had my EVO for less than two weeks and I’m getting error messages every time I use it. When I brought it back to the Sprint store to inquire about a fix, they told me that is must have been an app that I downloaded. They put the blame right back on me and told me to erase all of my apps. I told them that I was getting errors before I even loaded the first new app, but they didn’t help me at all.

  10. mezcherry

    Dear Jeff,
    I have been a sprint customer for over 10 years and I absolutely love sprint. I just got the Evo in Aug 2010 and I really like the phone, but just like you, I keep getting this horrible error message. I have taken my phone back to sprint, had it updated twice and even given a new phone, which has not fixed the problem. Fortunately, I have met wonderful managers at sprint, who have bent over backwards to work with me, take ownership and try to fix the problem. It is still frustrating and I know I am not going anywhere, but I do hope they fix this soon.

  11. gaby

    I just cannot watch any.videos.on my phone even if i have the best signal on my phone, i thought it was because of the low signal…but no i dont know whats wrong with my evo i used to love it but not anymore it kind of sucks not to be able to use it as i want it to, and when i want to

  12. leria

    I have been through now going on the third phone with sprint and I am not liking it at all. I keep getting error messages and having them do a hard reset. In which it does not fix it. This is crazy that sprint would keep telling us to replace the phone. Obviously they need to do a recall on this phone and find out what is causing this or do a mass update to get this fixed. I am frankly tired of getting these error messages. It is not like I am downloading third party apps. I download the apps from the market. This error messages majority of the time is when I try to send out a txt message. Sprint needs to give us an answer, I am getting frustrated.

    1. Jeff Nolan

      The problem is the HTC Facebook app… do the following:

      -> Setttings -> Accounts & Sync

      click on the HTC Facebook profile and “remove account” to make these error messages go away. Download the Facebook Android app and you will have the same access to Facebook without the error messages.

  13. Jeff Nolan

    The problem is the HTC Facebook app… do the following:

    -> Setttings -> Accounts & Sync

    click on the HTC Facebook profile and “remove account” to make these error messages go away. Download the Facebook Android app and you will have the same access to Facebook without the error messages.

  14. Randi

    Yes! I get these all the time. It used to happen rarely now it happens 3-5 times a day. I don’t know how to stop it and I wonder if doing a hard reset will help.