Today’s Deals Extend – Will Tomorrow’s Expand?

As I (and many others) have been speculating, Tech M&A is most definitely back.

$GOOG is, as expected, very active, acquiring mobile advertising provider AdMob for $750M as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) provider Gizmo5 for $30M.  Neither acquisition opens up any new markets for the company, but deepens and doubles down their presence in mobile and IP telephony.

$ERTS also made a move, acquiring ’social gaming’ startup Playfish – again extending presence in their core (gaming) market.

So what’s next?  A couple of interesting predictions from enterprise software guru Ray Wang:

Both deals are quite conceivable and would be game-changers for the acquirers (and acquirees – not to mention their customers).

But, for now at least, it looks like the prevalent strategy is ‘expand and deepen’ rather than ‘enter new markets’.

No game-changers.  Yet.

Chris Selland is VP of Marketing at HP Vertica. He brings 20+ years of success driving demand and revenue via innovative online, search & inbound marketing programs as well as leading key strategic alliance & corporate development initiatives for entrepreneurial, high-growth companies including SoundBite Communications (NASDAQ:SDBT), Constant Contact (NASDAQ:CTCT) and Lumigent Technologies (acquired by BeyondTrust). Chris is an established thought leader, speaker and author on customer strategy-related topics including CRM, Customer Metrics & Loyalty, Customer Support and Social Media Marketing, and was an Expert Advisor at as well as a founding member of the Enterprise Irregulars. Earlier in his career he was VP of CRM and Internet Research at the Yankee Group, and later founded Reservoir Partners, a customer strategy research firm that merged with Aberdeen Group, where he became VP of Sell-Side Research. Chris serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, and has a BS in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in International Business & Economics from NYU Stern School of Business.