Spanning Backup Now Backing Up Over 1 Billion Google Apps Objects

one-billion.jpg As of this morning, Spanning Backup has backed up more than 1,000,000,000 calendar events, contacts, and docs for Google Apps users. That’s a billion fewer things our users have to worry about.

But what about people who don’t yet back up their Google Apps data? The questions they most often ask are, “Do I really need to back up my Google Apps data? Doesn’t Google do that?” The answers are, “Yes you do, and no they don’t.”

Google has great disaster recovery capabilities, but it’s important to recognize that they’re designed to recover from disasters affecting Google, not those affecting you. If there’s a fire in a Google datacenter you’ll likely never even notice. But if someone in your office deletes a shared calendar, a sync corrupts your contacts, or you accidentally delete a document—or a whole collection of documents—there’s no way to get that data back, unless you’ve been backing it up.

Sound unlikely? Here are just a few posts from the Google Help Forums. Click here for over 500 more.

Spanning Backup users simply don’t have these problems. If something is accidentally deleted or goes missing, they can restore it in just a few seconds.

Add Spanning Backup to your Google Apps domain and try it free for 30 days at

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Charlie is the founder and CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps, a startup that aims to become the Norton Computing of the cloud computing era. He's a married father of two and a native Austinite. He blogs at Moonwatcher