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James, aka @Monkchips is co-founder of RedMonk, the open source analyst firm, which specialises in developer advocacy and analytics.

One response to “Fear of Facebook: Thoughts On The Meaning of Social”

  1. Antoine Houdaille

    vAgree this thing is totally out of control, but how long will it take for a large enough number of users to actually protest, or threaten to leave (and sound serious about it) ?

    Like to keep things distinct too, but big issue with doing so is, that’d mean not being able to leverage the reach the current FB population size can provide..

    Maybe we should just use Path for close friends and family, and Facebook to interact with a much wider audience ? 50 maybe a bit short but makes it special !

    Anyways, doesn’t sound to me like Facebook sees its platform as a personal comms tool, it’s become very business-y.