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Charlie is the founder and CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps, a startup that aims to become the Norton Computing of the cloud computing era. He's a married father of two and a native Austinite. He blogs at Moonwatcher

One response to “Going All-In on the Cloud”

  1. Norm


    Now that you’ve “stored” it all on the “cloud,” have you experienced any losses? Apparently, there are some very serious issues with Google Docs and their “cloud” in general. I’ve just spent the last week working on-and-off cleaning up my Google Docs space; could not delete items, could not find items not deleted, etc.

    Luckily all I had there were backups, and the originals are safe. However, had those documents on Google Docs been the only copies I would have been in serious pain. I’m a big Google fan, but this has shaken my confidence a bit. How about you? {Here’s a link to some conversation about the subject.} Seems like a big story to me, but perhaps not…