Service this good does not need a term contract

is the message Verizon is sending with its FiOS broadband commercials.

Service this good? Most Verizon customers are on 15/5 speeds. Watch the crunch as Apple launches iCloud, as amazon offers free video as part of its Prime servive (which most signed up to take advantage of faster physical shipping), as Netflix continues to grow its streaming offerings, as we all  look at telepresence and telemedicine  and we demand more and faster broadband.

“Gigabit speeds are already offered in Hong Kong and Japan, and are being rolled out in Singapore, where I live. “ says Paul Mah. In the US “ Google has announced plans to offer 1Gbps broadband to people living in Kansas City, and Comcast earlier this month demonstrated a 1Gbps connection.”

The Chattanooga, TN municipally-owned fiber-to-the-premises network already offers gigabit service.

Expect Verizon to struggle to come anywhere close in speed, but  still come back with terms and usage tiers like it is proposing on its mobile data plans starting next month. This barely 6 months after the opportunity to be different than AT&T in its iPhone positioning with unlimited data.

On and by the way if “service this good does not need a term contract” how bad is its mobile service to require a two year contract?


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