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I’m Coté, a software Industry Analyst with RedMonk. Generally, I cover software: making it, using it, and living with it.

Typically, I cover a wide range of topics in the software and technology world: primarily enterprise software, open source, IT management & cloud, software development, collaborative, the web, emerging technologies, and social/collaborative software. I'm RedMonk’s IT Management Lead. My blog is available at and I producs the RedMonk podcasts as well as the video podcast RedMonkTV.

3 responses to “Morning Round-up – IBM Software Analyst Connect 2009”

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    […] Morning Round-up – IBM Software Analyst Connect 2009 – What I’m looking for here is how IBM is going to motivate the world’s enterprises to spend money on all these new geegaws and technologies. We seem to be at another point in IT innovation where the features and functionality available are far ahead of what companies are asking for (or know to ask for). The stuff of cloud-nut daily frothing like advanced development and automation, for example, are too uncontrolled, unknown, and new at this point for companies to quantify the risks and benefits of use. Companies like IBM (and all its peers) along with the associated communities need to help IT (and their companies) transition to using these new technologies without slicing off too many toes in the process. […]

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    Coté is analyst at RedMonk covering primarily enterprise software

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