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Founder, CXO of Agile Elephant, a digitial transformation consultancy and solutions provider. Head of D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting and Cloud based solutions for content, collaboration, web publishing, online accounting and ERP. Director, EuroCloud UK, Board roles in Cloud Industry Forum, techUK's Software as a Service Group.

One response to “Why WordPress ISN’T A Good Choice For Your Website”

  1. Ronald Bradford

    I read your article. You could easily write the same type of article about any type of (CMS) product.

    It seems clear you are not a fan or advocate of Open Source. I had to laugh out loud when I read “probably based on safe and secure technology such as Microsoft .Net and MS SQL Server”.

    You know the greatest problem in the world is Spam and Viruses, I would say 99% is due to the fact that Microsoft is fundamentally broken architecturally, it is effectively a virus incubator, and then infects and re-infects, just like a normal virus does. Hard to build a solution on a technology that causes most of the pain in the world for any serious users, not to mention the underlying additional cost of H/W, and S/W licenses, and the how many add ons/plugins or third party products to make it work or be supportable.