For more than a decade, Phil Wainewright has been a trusted thought leader in cloud computing, as an analyst, blogger and consultant. He maintains a popular blog on software-as-a-service on ZDNet and serves as vice-president of EuroCloud, a pan-European business network promoting cloud services and applications. He is also CEO of strategic consulting group Procullux Ventures, where he advises top cloud vendors on messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategy. His forthcoming book, Frictionless Enterprise, describes how forward-looking enterprises are harnessing the cloud for business transformation, redefining best practice for successful organisations in the 21st century.
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One response to “The cloud is forked”

  1. Lindsey Marino

    It is interesting to think of the Cloud as being something that can be forked! I really like the articles in this blog related to the Cloud and Cloud computing. I wanted to leave a link that we have for a very basic understanding of what the Cloud is so others who read these articles who may not know will have a resource to refer. Thank you for your article. Here is a link to what Cloud Computing is on a basic level: