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VP, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Chief Strategy Officer at 7Summits, Inc. Dion focuses on the topics of digital engagement, customer experience, enterprise collaboration, digital workplace, digital transformation, social business, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), open business models, and next-generation enterprises. His thought leadership can be found on ZDNet, On Web Strategy, InformationWeek, ebizQ.

3 responses to “The Architecture of a Social Business”

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  3. Jay Chittenipat

    Hi Dion,

    Thanks for this very lucid post – I am trying to work out this architecture to a tangible level at my organization – so have been able to put some tangible thoughts on to this. this model has given us a good basis to focus our thoughts with

    Wanted to give you one feedback to the model too. IMHO, we should add one more key element to the social foundation layer – rewards and recognition. At a time, when organizations are starting ot think of merging in social recognition to the overall performance appraisal, i think we should segregate that also from the SoE and add to the Social foundation.

    Do you think that’s a good thought? would love to hear your views.