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Managing Director at Trident Capital focusing on investments in Internet and software businesses. Prior to entering venture capital, Evangelos had more than 20 years experience in high-technology industries, in executive roles spanning operations, marketing, sales and engineering. Evangelos earned a PhD in computer science from Brandeis University and a BS in electrical engineering from Caltech.

One response to “When 100% Growth Is Not Enough for Startups”

  1. Joe Ciarallo

    Evangelos, This is a great review of the current landscape, and I’m glad to see that Buddy Media meets or exceeds all of your criteria for a “breakout” company. We’ve also diversified extensively over the past 18 months, as we work with not only Facebook, but Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ as well as offering solutions for websites, blogs, etc. Keep the good posts coming!