Jeff is a Silicon Valley native with a diverse background in venture capital and operating roles at startups and growth stage companies. Currently VP Marketing at mobile security startup NowSecure, Jeff brings strategic insight together with strong product marketing, demand generation and brand management. The result is a track record of innovative companies and a fearless approach to the next new thing. Jeff is a longtime operational executive in enterprise software. A triple threat marketing guy, Jeff delivers best-in-class product marketing skills for application and infrastructure software, branding, and demand generation disciplines. Equally at home in a fix-it role as that of early stage startup, Jeff's background as the #2 at SAP Ventures is ideally suited for delivering strategic planning and tactical execution to early and growth stage companies.
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6 responses to “The 2012 Social CRM Tragic Quadrant”

  1. Theo Priestley (@BPMredux)
  2. Brad

    CRM is made and operated by companies that are too far detached from the actual user experience. The “leaders” and “visionaries” are, as you say, hocking out the same product and giving it minor updates to appease users.

    The chart needs a lot more players using innovation and design as their weapons. In fact, we need the players, but get rid of the chart.

    Better yet… leave the chart, but make a huge switch so the big players are at the bottom and see what they can come up with to get back on top.

  3. Chris Hoskin

    You can get a free copy of the report – courtesy of MQ debutant Artesian Solutions – is available here:

    Fill your boots.

  4. Manmohan

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