For more than a decade, Phil Wainewright has been a trusted thought leader in cloud computing, as an analyst, blogger and consultant. He maintains a popular blog on software-as-a-service on ZDNet and serves as vice-president of EuroCloud, a pan-European business network promoting cloud services and applications. He is also CEO of strategic consulting group Procullux Ventures, where he advises top cloud vendors on messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategy. His forthcoming book, Frictionless Enterprise, describes how forward-looking enterprises are harnessing the cloud for business transformation, redefining best practice for successful organisations in the 21st century.
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    […] All Together Now: Cloud Collaboration, Social and Docs (Enterprise Irregulars) In the emerging enterprise application landscape, collaboration is the business activity most transformed by cloud. The revolution in outcomes is far greater than those wrought by earlier technology-driven advances in global teamwork, such as the telephone, air travel and satellite communications. The Web is the first medium that provides a unified platform for every form of collaboration, whether real-time or asynchronous, by voice, video, document sharing, messaging and so on, letting people select the best combination of channels for the task in hand. All of this is delivered within a readily programmable fabric that automates away many of the barriers to effective organization, co-ordination and prioritization, enabling more productive, timely interactions. […]

  2. StefanP.

    Just a comment: IBM is offering a Cloud-based solution in the IBM Smart Cloud portfolio for Social Business (Collaboration). It should have been included …

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