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BEAGLE LOGOllcThis month Beagle Research Group celebrates its tenth birthday.  I founded the company on January 3, 2004 and have spent the last ten years doing whatever it is that I do. This isn’t my attempt to draw your attention (ok, maybe a little).  But face facts, if you’re reading this you must be a rather hardcore CRM-er and so my real motive for writing about this anniversary at all is simply to say thanks to all of the people and vendors who’ve supported this little experiment in self-employment for over a decade now.  To my mind there’s nothing finer than digging into a new business problem with a client and figuring it out.

There’s also a growing community of like-minded people out there starting with Paul Greenberg but also including pals like Brent Leary and Esteban Kolsky, and many others that I will not name to protect the innocent.  I see these people at conferences and events; we trade ideas, write reviews of each other’s books, and sometimes collaborate on research together.  They make the experience more rewarding and a bit less solitary than working alone can be sometimes.

Let me also shout out the people who work in analyst relations and PR who must have majored in wrangling cats.  They make my job much easier by arranging access to key CRM decision-makers, important events, and frequent briefings.

Finally, thanks to all of the editors who seek out my ideas and post my writing.  I don’t make a great deal of money from these relationships but the exposure gained by posting my analyses on many subjects helps to keep me in business.

Ok, back to work.

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