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CEO, HostAnalytics,  a leader in cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM).   Previously Dave was SVP/GM of Service Cloud at Salesforce ,  CEO at MarkLogic and CMO at Business Objects for nearly a decade as it grew from $30M to over $1B.  See Dave's disclaimers at Kellblog.

One response to “PayPal President’s Ream-the-Team Email: Good or Bad Leadership?”

  1. Mark Madsen

    This is an example of an executive insulated from his own organization.

    What isn’t mentioned (or data available): he mentions low leads, but never mentions the penetration in different areas. Perhaps he’s misread the situation and San Jose has the highest penetration, therefor the lowest leads, therefore he’s yelling at the successful?

    Seen exactly that sort of mistake made with regard to sales and lead management.