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CEO of Deal Architect, a top advisory boutique recognized in The Black Book of Outsourcing, author of a widely praised book on technology enabled innovation, The New Polymath, prolific blogger, writing about technology-enabled innovation at New Florence, New Renaissance and about waste in technology at Deal Architect.  Previously Analyst  at Gartner, Partner with PwC Consulting. Keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, CIO Magazine, and other executive and technology publications.

2 responses to “The Devils Square”

  1. Daniel Becklund

    Of course, partners are not independent, but this applies to anyone with personal or financial interests in the context of what he says.
    Such interests should be disclosed and this also applies to you.

    I have respect for the work of all good (and great) companies and some objectivity and candidness would help everyone.

  2. Vinnie Mirchandani

    Daniel, only some of the groups I point out are “partners”. Many are expected to be independent or push for customer advocacy.

    About me – for 10 years I have had an explicit independence policy for my blog sponsors and they have badges on the blogs for everyone to see. My buy side consulting clients I do not disclose due to NDAs and to protect their interests. I would love to see similar disclosure from every analyst, blogger etc. What makes you smile is partners who make 100% of their revenues from a vendor but earnestly say they are independent.