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Principal Analyst, Founder, Chairman at Constellation Research, best selling author of several books with Harvard Business Review Press. Previously Founding Partner at Altimeter Group, VP at Forrester Research, and held Exce. positions at Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young. Regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and well quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC TV, Reuters, IDG News Service. Ray has thrice won the prestigious Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) Analyst of the Year Award.

3 responses to “Tuesday’s Tip: The SAP Optimization List – Key Ecosystem Vendors You Should Know”

  1. Sam Bayer

    Hi Ray,

    I think there is a whole category of “Application Extension and Usability” solutions that you seem to have overlooked. Those are the ones that SAP refers to as the “Hybrid” approach. They provide complete user scenarios to users in a SaaS solution which are tightly integrated with the core SAP system. My company, b2b2dot0, has just celebrated our second anniversary delivering such a “hybrid” B2B eCommerce solution to the SAP market.

    So far, we have enabled 3000 new users to interact with SAP in 7 languages across 57 countries none of whom needed anything more than a browser. These users are placing and tracking orders directly into SAP every 15 seconds and have received no special training in how to do so. Lastly, each of our clients has been able to provision our SaaS B2B ecommerce service into production within 30 days and without any capital expenditures.

    I fully expect these Hybrid SaaS applications to play a leading role in helping SAP customers in optimizing their investments in the foreseeable future.

    Sam Bayer

  2. Selva Kumar

    This is a good one.


  3. IT Services

    I read the more elaborate thoughts that you posted about this in your blog (see the link in Franco’s comments above). I think your response is spot on and insightful. Thanks for weighing in on this so thoughtfully.