A lesson on how not to innovate

A lesson on how not to innovate

Great post on entrepreneur lessons learned by Tod Sacerdoti of BrightRoll. And I completely agree with the lesson “Don’t Innovate.” Perhaps it’s in our blood as entrepreneurs to see a problem we have to solve and try to experiment with it. Let me share a big mistake I made. In short, only innovate when you […]

Alignment isn’t a wing formation (photo credit iStock by Getty Images)

“Practices for Effective Distributed Teams” in Social Productivity

Practices for Effective Distributed Teams I’ve worked with distributed teams with my last three startups. I find that with the right practices distributed teams can be more efficient and effective, so long as you over-invest in certain things to make up for distance. To share best practices, I’d like to begin by exploring how time and […]

"Pingpad for Social Tasks" in Social Productivity

“Pingpad for Social Tasks” in Social Productivity

Pingpad for Social Tasks Pingpad is the Social Productivity App to get things done, together. It combines messaging, notes and tasks, and let’s you move effortlessly across them in one app that works all your devices. With the latest update, you can manage your personal Todo list, and social tasks. Tasks flow from Todo to […]