“You don't get a PaaS just because you're SaaS."

“You don’t get a PaaS just because you’re SaaS.”

Apologies to Frank Scavo for twisting his quote  “You don’t get a pass just because you’re SaaS.” but this is a reaction to the trend that every cloud application vendor is offering a platform and actively recruiting developer communities. I get the central principle  – configure in SaaS, but customize in PaaS. Keep the SaaS core clean. I also get […]

Done Right - a book review

Done Right – a book review

I was in Shanghai, China recently. As I have told my friends, I ended paying a “tourist tax” everywhere. Moneychangers, gypsy taxi drivers, tour guides who took me to pearl and silk stores where I am sure they got a cut. Part of me was irritated, part of me glowed – it is so nice to see […]