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So long, app silos: And welcome to the digital workplace hub

So long, app silos: And welcome to the digital workplace hub

What do these new digital workplaces as platform need to entail to succeed? As business applications continue to proliferate in the workplace, enterprises have begun to realize that their ever-more complex landscape of digital tools for their workforce should be more effectively organized and integrated to better deliver their full value and provide returns […]

Exploring Atlassian's vision for enterprise collaboration

Exploring Atlassian’s vision for enterprise collaboration

One of the first major breakthroughs in large-scale collaboration after document and content management was the enterprise wiki. One of the original pioneers in the space is Atlassian, and they remain a solid favorite in many collaboration environments today. In fact, the company’s offerings still make my current list of the top 10 collaboration solutions […]

Accenture, IBM and Cognizant lead the industry's first Intelligent Automation Blueprint

Accenture, IBM and Cognizant lead the industry’s first Intelligent Automation Blueprint

Finally… exactly four years after HfS introduced the concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to the services industry, we can reveal to the world how our service provider and advisor friends are performing with the industry’s inaugural HfS Blueprint report on Intelligent Automation. Back in 2012, HfS brought the topic of RPA (see link) to the attention of the […]