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  • @SearsHoldings to open its second technology centre in Bengaluru August 29, 2015
    Alok Kumar, who is overseeing Sear’s Pune unit, will also head operations in Bengaluru. Dennis Moore, president of Member Technology at Sears Holdings Corporation, visited the new unit that is currently awaiting regulatory clearances.
  • @SearsHoldings to open technology centre in Bengaluru August 29, 2015
    The centre, tentatively scheduled to open in September, will be spearheaded by MD Alok Kumar, who is also heading Sears's first development centre in Pune, and will focus on developing solutions for Omni-channel retail, it added. Sears Holdings said the unit in Bengaluru is spread across 15,000 square feet and is going to be a […]
  • Why Reddit’s Garbage Communities Might Be The Least Of Its Problems #mobility August 29, 2015
    "For a rising generation accustomed to quick-loading, slickly presented, responsive content, Reddit's slow-loading, old-web-feeling mobile design is likely a hurdle, and one that threatens Reddit's self-proclaimed title as Front Page of the Internet. While Reddit might still be a site bookmarked by legions of folks who grew up on PCs, it is likely isn't that […]
  • To personalize or to be authentic - by @denispombriant August 29, 2015
    "My suggestion to would-be personalizers is to first understand the moment of truth that your customer is actually in—it might not be what you think. Then work within the moment of truth to ensure that you are providing the authentic moment that customers want. You can’t do this unless you turn your data gathering and […]
  • Digital transformation imperative for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust - by @jtwentyman August 29, 2015
    "Cross-infection risks for people with Cystic Fibrosis make tools that support online engagement and collaboration a must-have for this UK-based charity"
  • Social intelligence and reputation are the keys to survival in this automating world - by @pfersht August 29, 2015
    "However, I have good news for the paranoid – computers are still really bad at simulating social interaction. What’s more, team work is becoming more critical than ever, as we need to keep adapting to a changing work environment. Your personality and ability to excite, befriend, intellectually stimulate, or just have a laugh with the […]
  • Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn? by @lcecere August 28, 2015
    "In the real world, companies operate with a Mean Absolute Forecast Error of 24-60%, and have a bias of 9-40%. Many organizations will play the shell game of reporting forecast error so that the numbers look better: either calculating the forecast at a higher level in the forecast hierarchy (not at the item level) or […]
  • A first take on Salesforce’s industry cloud strategy - by @philww August 28, 2015
    "What insights can we glean from this week's announcements about Salesforce's industry cloud strategy and what can we expect from its other vertical clouds?"
  • EMC's potential: VMware, then HP Enterprise yet still trail cloud trend - by @ldignan August 28, 2015
    "EMC and VMware are reportedly pondering ways to get back together. Such a deal would cost the combined entity time as the enterprise market transforms and may only lead to a HP Enterprise merger."
  • The Story Behind How Pocket Hit 20M Users with 20 People August 27, 2015
    "Off the bat, that means having more frequent interactions with users. Getting them involved in product development isn’t just about opening the floodgates — it requires restructuring the way your team works. Pocket has moved to a faster release cycle to have more touchpoints with its users. “We're moving to a much faster cadence. Our […]
  • How organizations are winning trust through employee advocacy - by @bmosherzinck August 27, 2015
    "Consumer trust is eroding. One of the best ways to win that trust back is through employee advocacy programs, but there are pitfalls. New diginomica contributor Barb Mosher Zinck assesses the latest research."
  • S/4HANA – What CIOs and IT Procurement Teams Should Be Doing Now August 27, 2015
    "SAP has also put in place a long term business capability based strategy to incentivize migration to the S/4HANA platform. SAP has indicated that some of the major enhancements that will be introduced in the S/4HANA platform will not be incorporated into ECC or Business Suite, thereby creating a pressure point for moving to S/4HANA […]
  • South Africa – a country with huge digital potential - by @derek_dupreez August 26, 2015
    "South Africa is transforming rapidly thanks to the availability and growth in mobile internet and smartphones. It has a huge amount of potential."
  • Cloud implementations and expert advice for SuccessFactors customers - by @lukemarson August 26, 2015
    "Although our discussions were about HR cloud implementations in general, I wanted to write about how some of these musings could be applied in a SuccessFactors context. In addition, I will also cover some other key topics that customers should consider that we didn’t cover in the interview. You can watch the video below."
  • The cloud-native future - via @cote August 26, 2015
    "Can you release new features to your customers every week? Every day? Every hour? Do new developers deploy code on their first day, or even during job interviews? Can you sleep soundly after a new hire’s deployment knowing your applications are all running perfectly fine? A rapid release cadence with the processes, tools, and culture […]
  • Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media August 26, 2015
    "To acquire customers, does your marketing focus more on social media than email? Consider this: Email is 40 times more effective than social media."
  • Six barriers to change in the age of Aas and Robotistan - by @dahowlett August 26, 2015
    "HfS is on a tear with its ongoing discussions around the concept of...As a service (Aas) and its attendant sibling Robotistan. But there's a huge delta between what leaders want and what they are getting. Why?"
  • Productivity Is Soaring at Top Firms and Sluggish Everywhere Else - via @esimoudis August 26, 2015
    "Our research shows that the slow productivity growth of the “average” firm masks the fact that a small cadre of firms are experiencing robust gains. OECD analysis shows that the productivity of the most productive firms – those on the “global productivity frontier” in economic terms—grew steadily at an average 3.5% per year in the […]
  • 10 Ways You Need to Change How You Think and Talk to Succeed at Sales August 25, 2015
    "To be awesome at sales, you have to break certain social rules. Sales aficionado Peter Kazanjy shares how to create new habits that will help you win."
  • Enterprise hits and misses – Salesforce up, HP down, and the future of work/life balance - by @jonerp August 25, 2015
    "Jon's cheeky weekly review of which articles hit (or didn't) - on diginomica and beyond. In this week's edition: Salesforce up, HP down as Benioff tweaks rivals. Also: Amazon workplace blowout and debating work/life balance - is it achievable? Plus: your weekly whiffs."