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  • Why Design Thinking can save the outsourcing industry - by @pfersht July 2, 2015
    "We’re trying to forge a new identity for ourselves and re-imagine what our careers, our services and our platforms could be like if we only figured out how we can define, prioritize and realize business outcomes that are valuable, as opposed to merely keeping the same old factory ticking over at the lowest possible cost."
  • Supreme Court leaves API economy twisting in the wind – what’s next? - by @jonerp July 2, 2015
    "The U.S. Supreme Court made a big non-decision this week that impacts the API economy. The case isn't an easy one to unravel - here's why we should care."
  • Now, What Is Hadoop? - by @merv July 2, 2015
    "Analysts too: I’ve discussed it several times, including a post a year ago called What Is Hadoop….Now? tracking the path from 6 commonly supported projects in 2012 to 15 in June 2014, across a set of distributors that included Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and IBM. “Support” here means you pay for subscription that explicitly includes the […]
  • Products I Love to Use - by @msuster July 1, 2015
    "So I thought now would be a sensible time – with six months on either side of the holidays. I’m not trying to say my picks are great and other products aren’t and I’ll certainly forget some. But this is just a reflection midway in June 2015 of the some of the products I love, […]
  • PowerPlex 2015 – a confident company ready to take on the behemoths - by @dahowlett #PowerPlex July 1, 2015
    "Confident and more mature, Plex is showing some serious 21st century chops. Here's what we learned at PowerPlex 2015."
  • Airbnb and the Internet Revolution - by @monkbent July 1, 2015
    "In the interest of full disclosure, I’m actually writing this post while sitting in a apartment rented through Airbnb. The pictures were ok, but the plethora of reviews were effusive in their praise of this surprisingly large one-bedroom apartment with easy access to the train, so I took the plunge."
  • 10 Supply Chain Gotchas, and How to Avoid Them June 30, 2015
    "Companies must be prepared for business disruptions by having in place an overall risk management and resilience plan. They must perform rigorous analysis of their supply chain network to uncover its vulnerabilities and manage risk," said Jeff Karrenbaur, president of Insight, Inc. , adding that many businesses are not prepared for the potential supply chain […]
  • More evidence that Cloud Service Providers are out of touch with their customers June 30, 2015
    "A recent survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting and jointly sponsored by Iland and Cisco, throws up more evidence that Cloud Service Providers have yet to cotton on to the difference between selling tech `things’ and providing a service."
  • An Algorithmic Feed May Be Twitter's Last Remaining Card To Play June 30, 2015
    "In other words, Twitter has done nearly everything it can to refine and enhance the way tweets present information, without touching the order in which they're published. That order -- chronological, with no algorithm elevating the "best" tweets -- has long been sacred ground for the company. The order is cherished by Twitter's core users, […]
  • Enterprise hits and misses – cloud software audit realities edition - by @jonerp June 30, 2015
    "A cheeky weekly review of which articles hit (or didn't) - on diginomica and beyond. This week: cloud software audit pains, the problem of pervasive analytics, Oracle's PaaSy moves, and PR whiffery."
  • Workday plans to launch Workday Planning in 2016 - by @ldignan June 30, 2015
    "Workday is going to roll out forecasting and planning applications in a move that will most likely appeal to customers of the company's financial and human capital management tools."
  • Uber Acquires Mapping Assets From Microsoft June 29, 2015
    The deal could help Uber lessen its reliance on Google Inc. and Apple Inc., whose mapping technologies help power the ride-sharing app. The company is trying to wean itself off those outside technologies as Uber branches into competing areas such as delivery services and self-driving cars.
  • Supreme Court Denies Google Appeal on Oracle Suit June 29, 2015
    A spokesman for Google said: “We will continue to defend the interoperability that has fostered innovation and competition in the software industry.” Oracle General Counsel Dorian Daley said the high court’s action “is a win for innovation and for the technology industry that relies on copyright protection to fuel innovation.”
  • Study Suggests Google Harms Consumers by Skewing Search Results June 29, 2015
    The research combines statistical testing with detailed legal and economic analysis to examine the ramifications of Google’s practice of promoting its own specialized search services, such as for local restaurants or doctors, at the expense of rivals such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.
  • High-Profile Study Turns Up the Antitrust Heat on Google June 29, 2015
    To demonstrate the point, data scientists at Yelp ran a series of blind A/B tests, showing 2,690 Internet users two sets of search results in response to queries about local businesses. One half got the typical Google results: On the top of the page, there were seven links that pointed to Google's own content (usually […]
  • Supreme Court Refuses To Decide If APIs Are Copyrightable June 29, 2015
    ugh. "The U.S. Supreme Court has denied an appeal from Google in its ongoing legal battle with Oracle over software copyright. The move means that the search giant, which argues that its reliance on Oracle's software development tools falls under fair use, must go back and try to sway the lower courts."
  • Exclusive – ADP v Zenefits – a follow up and assessment - by @dahowlett @brianssommer @philww June 29, 2015
    "We followed up with both ADP and Zenefits to get their take on events leading to the recent lawsuit. And to add our own take"
  • Open source technologies become kingmakers in enterprise - by @ldignan June 29, 2015
    "Open source has become the new fast track to enterprise credibility both for incumbents and any vendor playing in the space. And that reality is going to reorder the vendor pecking order."
  • With Yahoo search deal, Oracle's @LarryEllison on Google June 29, 2015
    "We strongly recommend Java users consider alternatives to Chrome as soon as possible. Instead, we recommend Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari as longer-term options," the notice on my PC read, after I tried to update my version of Java from within Chrome. That advice came after Google moved to end Chrome's interoperability with a standardized […]
  • Informatica Stockholders Approve Acquisition by the Permira Funds and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board June 29, 2015
    The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2015, subject to the receipt of certain regulatory approvals and the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions.