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  • Not your fathers influencer relations - by @dealarchitect July 28, 2015
    "There are so many of us “small guys”. Not just small - but with access to a large number of executives. Vendors struggle with this proliferation of smaller firms – a bit like Gulliver in Lilliput. The administrators at Oracle and others have taken the word “independent analyst” to literally mean “independent contractor” with all […]
  • Beware the Internet of Things – it’s early, security sucks and the C-Suite doesn’t care - by @dahowlett July 28, 2015
    "The Internet of Things is one of those buzzphrases that sets all sorts of unrealistic expectations. There are other concerns though, many of which hinge around security."
  • Google+ unwinds: What did we learn about Google? - by @ldignan July 28, 2015
    "Google has ended the practice of force feeding Google+ to its customers and has downgraded it to a platform of sorts."
  • How to Manufacture Desire July 27, 2015
    A little diabolical, but we may as well know how it works... "But, like it or not, habit-forming technology is already here. The fact that we have greater access to the web through our various devices also gives companies greater access to us. As companies combine this greater access with the ability to collect and […]
  • How much more time does Marissa Mayer have for Yahoo! recovery? - by @whostu July 27, 2015
    "Marissa Mayer is running out of time as profits collapse as Yahoo!'s Alibaba cushion nears its end."
  • 4 legacy ERP shortcomings that are holding your business back - by @erickimberling July 27, 2015
    "This weakness of legacy ERP is sometimes confused with an overall lack of scalability, but it really has more to do with low-level tactical components such as an inability to identify and apply necessary record formats on demand."
  • MOOCs Teach IT Lessons Before Summer Ends July 26, 2015
    "An array of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from traditional educational institutions such as Harvard, vendors like Microsoft, and researcher Johns Hopkins University offer free and paid scheduled web-based classes. By the time summer ends, IT experts can garner new expertise, often with a certificate, in areas such as analytics; mobile app development; big data, […]
  • Cloud Is All about Apps, Says Amazon's CTO July 26, 2015
    "At the Amazon Web Services Summit (AWS) in New York City today, Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, spent two hours explaining why the cloud changes the game for application developers."
  • Retail omni-channel focus pays off for NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson - by @whostu July 26, 2015
    "NetSuite beat Wall Street expectations yesterday. CEO Zach Nelson is upbeat about progress in the retail and omni-channel worlds."
  • 7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them - by @lizbedor July 26, 2015
    "People can sniff out a sales pitch a mile away. Good content marketers know they can’t dupe their audiences, and don’t try to do so. Consumers today want content that educates or entertains them. Shameless promotional plugs turn them off. If you provide compelling content, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content — […]
  • Has Microsoft blown it? - by @olivermarks July 25, 2015
    "Microsoft has dominated the 'office productivity' tools market for decades and is a de facto way of working in most companies. Having significantly held back innovation in the last 10 years, Office is arguably reaching the end of its useful life as modern digital tools make it look like an old bureaucratic anachronism."
  • Better Business Decisions: Assistive Technology - by @mfauscette July 25, 2015
    "e're only scratching the surface of the capabilities offered by cognitive systems, as new applications emerge rapidly. The underlying benefit though, is providing real time assistance with decision-making that is more effective, more accurate and much more informed. Combine that with the network capability to identify and connect the "right" employees with the "right" data […]
  • AWS is good at what it does; doesn't do it all July 25, 2015
    "With a 408% increase in operating income, AWS boasted a 21.4% operating margin — an anomaly among other publicly traded cloud vendors, indicating that AWS has its business model right and will truly reap the benefits of growing adoption. "
  • Four Keys to a Minimally Disruptive SAP Upgrade at TXU Energy - by @thecraigpowers July 25, 2015
    "When retail utility provider TXU Energy decided it wanted to upgrade its SAP ERP system from ECC 6.0 with no enhancement packs straight up to Enhancement Pack 7 (EhP7), Business Applications IT Manager Emily Hatcher says there was one directive from leadership: There will be no tolerance for a dip in productivity for the business."
  • Does the mobile web experience really suck? The enterprisey redux - by @jonerp July 25, 2015
    "The Verge's Editor in Chief recently made the case that the mobile web sucks. Behind the diatribe is a debate that impacts how we think about UX - and how we should respond."
  • The process (and platform) revolution - by @denispombriant July 25, 2015
    "There are a few vendors with platforms that are worthy of the description, you know who they are. Others use platform to mean almost anything. For clarity, I would say that a platform has to provide a great API, lots of apps written for the platform, and lots of users. Key to this is the […]
  • The Implications of Cloud Native - by @sogrady July 25, 2015
    "In the wake of its relatively sudden emergence, the obvious questions are first what is cloud native, and second what does it mean for the industry?"
  • Friday roast: man, machines and the gaping void - by @dahowlett July 25, 2015
    "Brian Sommer's swipe at machine driven discrimination got me thinking about the reality of man/machine decision making. It's not pretty."
  • Visualizing @vsikka's first year at Infy - by @pfersht July 25, 2015
    "So… one year into the new job and Infosys’ Vishal Sikka has managed to perform a task noone thought possible. He’s dragged a once-famous Indian-heritage IT services firm – kicking and screaming – out of a maddening tailspin into that dark sinkhole of legacy-ness that is scaring the life out of today’s services industry. The […]
  • SuccessFactors Training and Certification FAQ: 2015 Edition - by @lukemarson 7/14 July 24, 2015
    "My blog SuccessFactors Training and Certification FAQ that was published back in December 2013 provided all of the relevant information relating to SuccessFactors training and certification and has been viewed over 40,000 times to-date. With rapid and big changes taking place over the last year, I thought it was time to update my blog to […]